Real Wasabi? That’s horseradish!

Real Wasabi? That's horseradish!
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"Hi there, you are probably wondering why I gathered you here today. As a sushi fan, you must know that any good sushi roll should be served with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi paste. But have ever really had real wasabi?"


dreamstime_s_34955016 The myth

As it turns out, what is sold in many restaurants and stores as wasabi paste is often no other than horseradish mixed with mustard and other ingredients. If you are lucky, it might include some wasabi at the very bottom of the ingredient list.

Sounds bizarre right? But that’s true nonetheless. For more information follow the label in the back of the wasabi can in your kitchen, or check out the following piece by Alison Spiegel from the “The Huffington Post” on why commercial wasabi may or may not contain actual wasabi.


Is it really that different?

Yes. It is.

Fresh wasabi is amazing. You might not be able to enjoy it every time you have sushi – but if are really into sushi, you should at least try it once. Just to be able to tell what it is like.

If I had to describe real wasabi in words, “Green”, “Zesty” and “Vibrant” come to mind. But you really have to try for yourself.


Where can I get some?

Most upscale sushi places will only serve real wasabi. One good example would be the Nobu Sushi chain.

Another option is to buy it online (it’s completely legal). In the USA, you can easily buy fresh wasabi root online, or a even a wasabi plant starter to grow at home. One website where you can get both is The Wasabi Store. If you are looking for a simpler solution, you can buy a tube of the green gold on Amazon.

In the UK, we can recommend The Wasabi Company, or again buying a rubber of real wasabi paste on Amazon UK.

Grated wasabi – nothing is greater!

Final words

That’s it! Let us know if you had real wasabi and how was your experience. If you live anywhere else in the world and want to share you can buy real wasabi with others feel free to do that in the comments below.


Grated wasabi - nothing is greater!

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