“American” salmon

"American" salmon

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American Salmon


American salmon roll
Taken by AraiGordai

Making the roll

Sorry guys, but this recipe is for inside out sushi roll only. So if you have yet to purchase the skills needed to make an inside out roll, please roll out to the manual.

American salmon is one of the most astonishing dishes you can find in sushi bars, although not so much difficult to make. This dish is so unique due to the fact that the roll is surrounded by the fish instead of being filled with it making it some kind of a fusion between maki sushi and nigiri sushi. In this recipe I allowed myself to pick my favorite ingredients, but the filling may vary according to your own good taste. you can even add zucchini or slices of pumpkin if you are in to that kind of stuff…

Roll the nori as you normally would have done, with the avocado and cucumber inside. Don’t mind the fact the it’s not rich filled on the inside – because when your finished, the outside of the roll is going to make the most impression.

Topping time – Just before you cut the endings of the roll, slice your salmon filet into half an inch thik, 2.5 inch long layers, and lay them tight next to each other on top of your roll until the entire top of your roll is covered with salmon. Use your rolling matt to tight the salmon firmly to the top of your roll, and cut.

Best served with Soy and/or Tariaki souce.